Postmates App Clone: The On-Demand Delivery App King

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postmates app clone

Postmates App Clone: The On-Demand Delivery App King

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Whether it is food delivery, medicine, grocery, flower, or even online parcel delivery, everything can be initiated via the Postmates app clone. This digital delivery platform allows its users to purchase things online, add the drop-off address, and simply set the ‘doorstep delivery’ option. One download and installation are all that’s needed to get things delivered to one’s front door on-demand!



Many businesses faced a severe shortage of demand causing a steep downfall in the financial stability. Since every individual was locked inside the four walls of their home, even getting the daily essentials was challenging for one. Now, in such a dire situation, who’d want to send out the parcels or decorate flowers at their homes?


You are getting the point, right? Seeing the economy falling and people suffering from getting their daily supplements, the Postmates app clone came out as the superhero!



These are the major delivery services that your users can find on the app. Note that, for a detailed review of what this app is, it is best to connect with a white-labeling firm and check out their free demo app!

  •       Grocery delivery
  •       Food delivery
  •       Medical marijuana
  •       Medicine delivery
  •       Bottled water delivery
  •       Stationery delivery
  •       Parcel/courier delivery
  •       Flower delivery


To be honest, these services cover only 10% of the on-demand delivery facilities offered by the Postmates app clone!



The interesting part is how the customers get everything right at their doorstep! So, let’s take a look at the ordering and delivery process!


Ordering process

1. Login/Register

The user first registers on the app and if they’ve already set up their account, they need to log in using the username and password.


2. Go to the desired store

From the many delivery options, the user needs to choose the category (food, grocery, medicine, etc.) Then from the list of local stores, pick one they want the delivery from.


3. View items and add them to the cart

From the store, the user can choose the items they need and directly add them to the cart. The user can add (+) or subtract (-) the quantity of the items from the menu itself or on the checkout page.


4. Place the order

Postmates app clone allows its users to edit/modify the order on the checkout page. They can even select the delivery type – takeaway, doorstep delivery, contactless delivery. After reviewing the cart and selecting the payment method, users need to click on PLACE ORDER!


Delivery process

1. The store accepts the order and prepares it for delivery

A request is sent to the store when the user clicks on PLACE ORDER. The store can accept/decline the delivery request as per convenience. After accepting the order the store immediately starts preparing it for delivery.


Simultaneously, a notification is sent to the user saying ‘XYZ store has accepted your order’.


2. Delivery is initiated

Here, three circumstances can be considered:


  •       Takeaway order: customer goes to pick up the order at the store.
  •       Doorstep delivery: a delivery driver is assigned. The driver will arrive at the store, pick up the order, and hand over the delivery to the customer.
  •       Contactless delivery: the assigned delivery driver will pick up the order and put it at the customer’s doorstep. The driver will then click and upload the picture of the package on the app itself as proof of delivery.


3. Rate and review

The order is now completed! The user can now rate and review the items and delivery service on the app.


This is how your customers can order and receive whatever they need from the Postmates app clone!



Curious to find out how this impressive app will make you an entrepreneur? Well, purchase the Postmates clone from a well-established and licensed white-labeling firm to start your own digital delivery business in 2022!

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