When you talk about workplace celebrations, what comes to your mind?
Birthday Parties! Festival and Team Celebrations!
Right! But, Infino is a way ahead and organised the much-awaited 2022 Infino Fest.

Infino Fest – Why did we organise it?

Professionals work hard all through the year and rarely find time to celebrate their success. But, companies that consider their staff as their family do not forget to appreciate them and re-energize them by organising enthralling events for them. Celebrations at work not only build momentum but also strengthen engagement and improve the morale of the staff.

Infino Fest 2022

Our most-awaited event started with the arrival of our esteemed chief guest. The sparkling lights and amazing party vibes created a unique and enjoyable atmosphere. The mouth-watering snacks, mocktails, mojitos, soft drinks, and the captivating performances by our teammates gave us the time that we will reminisce for a long.
Let us go through the highlights of Infino Fest. A series of events were lined up to keep our honoured chief guest and staff entertained.

Awards and Recognitions

When you are working in an organisation, you get motivated on being recognized. Fests or yearly awards are a great way to appreciate the hard work of employees. How can Infino miss this golden opportunity to boost the confidence of its employees? There were categories like – an employee of the year, best SEO expert, best designer, etc. Most well-deserved employees were awarded the awards.

Dance, Singing, and Poetic Performances

Celebrating festivals at the workplace boost engagement among the employees, but office fests allow everyone to participate and discover their hidden talents. At Infino fest, employees participated actively, and all were spellbound upon seeing the talents of our hard-working employees. There was a couple dance, solo dance on Pollywood and Bollywood songs, group performances on Bollywood songs, and Punjab’s most energetic Bhangra. We were surprised to see we have awesome singers and poets between us too.

Comedy and Skit

There was a comedy skit in Punjabi that let our hearts laugh out loud. Moreover, our innovative graphics team also came up with the skit based on the scene from the movie – “Border.” Though the original scene was serious, our designers did great efforts and put heart and soul into it to add comedy to it and let us burst into laughter.

DJ Floor

The fest night was awesome, with great performances and awesome anchoring. When you see singing, dancing, and comedies in an office, it sounds like a carnival. It is so because everyone takes part and feels entertained. Well, the fun not only ended once the events were complete. How can it conclude without shaking a leg on the DJ Floor? We all enjoyed ourselves a lot and danced our hearts out to our favourite songs. After dancing will full enthusiasm, we had a delectable dinner, and the event concluded.

Ending Words

When employees work hard with full efficiency, such events reenergize the staff by taking them into a different and enjoyable atmosphere. We all had a great time at the fest and are waiting for the next one!