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Infino, a digital marketing agency started in 2011 with an aim to reach for the moon. The collective effort of our CEOs, Mr. Karan Sharma and Mr. Amir Waheed has proved that the sky is limit. One who is hungry for success can achieve anything and Infino has come a long way and has established its roots in the market as one of the fastest growing digital agency in India. Ludhiana, a city famous for industries and not so famous for I.T hub is soon seeing an increase in I.T organizations with the emergence of organizations like Infino.

The company deals in Website Development, Website Designing, Digital Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. The company is divided in two departments the Website Development and Digital Marketing section and has highly skilled and professional staff. Recently, our CEO Mr. Karan Sharma specially came from Canada to organize an annual party for the employees. The event was fun and frolic and the employees felt pretty chilled out afterward.


Each employee was with bells on for the party and the event began around 4. The event started with an amazing speech about the company’s background and the details of the event by Ms. Harmanjot Kaur Bedi working as Content Developer at Infino. The speech was to make newcomers familiar with the background of the company and its futuristic vision. While the employees celebrated the presence of Mr. Karan Sharma, at the same time missed Mr. Amir Waheed.


The words of Karan Sir were worth it as it really encouraged the employees. He shared his goals and objectives with respect to the organization and how he wants to develop the infrastructure of Infino and expand it by hiring professional and skilled staff. Following the welcome speech, there started the speech by Team Leaders of different sections. Mr. Amardeep Singh (Team Lead of Digital Marketing) shared his experiences and gave audiences a brief insight of his work experience and 2.5 years journey with Infino. Coming next was the speech by Mr.Rohit Kumar (Team Lead of Website Development). He shared his journey and his wonderful experience with the organization. He told us how he learned many new things from Karan Sir. Following to it was the speech by the senior most person of the firm Mr. Sourav Jain who is working here as a Magento Expert. Human Resource Manager (Mr. Gurpreet Singh) shared the implementation of new policies and how much it is necessary to have positive work environment.


The event was not only just about motivating speech but it got into full swing when one of our creative team Lead (Graphic Designing), Mr. Jaspreet Singh arranged a funny Coffee with Karan quiz with Karan Sir. Jaspreet is a witty personality and asked many funny questions to Sir. The biggest laughing moment was Sawaal 15 lakh ka. Everyone was laughing like a drain during the humorous quiz.


Karan Sir almost laughed his head off answering the amusing questions. Alongside, the audience was enjoying the delicious and scrumptious snacks including Paneer Tikka, soups, and the variety of cocktails.


The second phase of the event was the award session. Awards are mandatory to appreciate the true efforts of employees throughout the year. The awards session was divided into different categories to acknowledge the employees according to their skills and achievements. To present the awards Mr. Anil Sharma (Mr. Karan’s father) and Mr. Sanjeev Sharma specially arrived. The categories were as follows:

Infino Fest 20171
  1. Leadership Award
    The leadership award was to acknowledge the individuals who showed great intellectual skills and were able to manage the things in an appropriate manner. The award was given to Mr. Amardeep Singh( Team Lead, Digital Marketing) and Mr. Rohit Kumar( Team Lead, Website Development).

2. Absolute Attendance
The award was to appreciate the employee who was diligent and punctual throughout the year and was given to Gurpreet Singh and Satveer Singh.

3. Rockstar Rookie
The specific award was for the newcomer who performed extremely well and was presented to Harmanjot Kaur and Komal Garg.

4. Exceeding Expectations
Delivering outstanding results is not a cup of tea for everyone and award was given to Sarabjeet Singh and Sunil Kumar (SEO) for the amazing performance.

5. Making a Difference
The award was to recognize the employee that brought a change in the overall office environment and was presented to Manpreet Kaur and Jatinder Singh.

6. Team Awesome Award
The best team which delivered astonishing results in terms of work, discipline was Website Designing Team.

Infino Awards 2017

7. Best performer of the year
The award was to truly acknowledge the true performer that showed positive and noteworthy results and the award was given to Krishan Kumar and Sushil Kumar.

8. Marvelous Multitasker
We at Infino strongly believe that multitasking is not a cup of tea for everyone and hence the award was presented to our Human Resource Manager Gurpreet Singh.

9. Best Learner Award
We place confidence in the fact that learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere. The award was given to the deserving candidate and was given to Sunil Kumar (WP) and Kartik Chauhan.

10. Employee of the Year
The specific category was an important category as it was to appreciate the employee who did great things throughout the year and was willing to take up extra responsibilities. The award was presented to Jaspreet Singh and Ankur Verma.

11. Outstanding Achievement Award
The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the employee who has demonstrated innovative and leading visionary. The award was presented to Sourav Jain, Deepak Bajaj, Ankur Verma, and Jaspreet Singh.

12. Excellent Service Award
We do not want to neglect the special employee who has taken care of the employees throughout the year and assisted them with their wonderful services. The award was given to our office boy Hitesh Kumar.

The award session was not just about honoring the commendable employees but was lots of laughs as it constituted some funny awards. To host the funny awards, Mr. Amardeep Singh took the authority and everyone was buzzing over the same. The funny moments were chuckled some. Some of the awards were Baahubali of the Year, Foodie of the Year, Angry Bird of the Year, Most Reserve person of the year, and much more.

The moments were cherishing and admirable. Everybody laughed and giggled and was enjoying the delicious food. Then the group photos session started and photos of each department took place.

Infino Fest 20172

The third phase of the event was what everyone was waiting for eagerly. The DJ Party when everyone burned the stage dancing on their favorite songs and shaking their legs. The separate performance by the group of girls and boys were worth it. Everyone dancing on their favorite tunes and cackling was a moment of joy.

Group Snap Infino Fest 2017

Our C.E.O Mr. Karan Sharma accompanied the employees for the dinner. The food included diverse dishes with sweet delicacies in the end. We hope that the organization grows and have many such memories in the foreseeable future.